Winter Skincare Survival Guide

Getting through the holidays can be rough and self-care can often go to the backburner. Here is the newest and trusted amazing beauty finds I featured in a recent television segment for Good Morning Washington to help you not only survive the holiday season but also help your skin get your glow on!


No7 Laboratories

No7 Laboratories

Dilemma: When you are racing around buying presents, entertaining, cleaning, wrapping and making sure the kids are finishing final school projects—the wrinkles really start to set in!

Solution: Give this new, white-hot wrinkle-reducing serum a week, and the claim is the formulation of Matrixyl 3000 Plus, which features a unique combo of peptides will visibly smooth out wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes and forehead. Give it 12 weeks, and you’ll erase up to five years of aging, the brand says.

Why do we care? The product was a sellout in the UK this past spring, with a 17K waiting list. It’s worth a shot and can be applied first thing after washing the face or mixed in with your favorite moisturizer, eye cream or foundation.

$42, exclusively at



Dilemma: Your face is looking lackluster, but you have no time to get a facial.

Solution: These one-minute-a-day, at-home serum pads from M-61 claim to give your complexion a boost with minimal effort over the course of a three-day treatment challenge.

The PowerGlow peel pad: powered by glycolic and salicylic acid exfoliates.

The Vitablast C serum pad: brightens skin with vitamin C

The Hydraboost HA serum pad: contains hyaluronic acid, which binds 48 hours of hydration to the skin

Why do we care: I have a hard time squeezing in service treatments during the busy holiday season, so this is a huge time saver when I want to look party-ready, and it took no time at all.

From $28;


Dilemma: You are so busy with trimming the tree that you don’t have time to trim your hair, let alone wash it: it’s looking as dull as your unwashed wine glasses.

Solution: This clarifying shampoo, formulated with 100% pure peppermint oil removes product build-up and residues leaving hair fresh and enhanced and scalp invigorated with improved circulation. Plus, you can squeeze the product on a loofa and it doubles as a minty body scrub!

Why do we care? I love products that do double-duty, especially during time-pressed times of the year.



Baby Foot

Baby Foot

Dilemma: After stuffing your feet in boots all fall, it’s time for your toes and cracked heels to come out, but your feet are anything but party ready.

Solution: Reclaim your soft feet with the original Japanese foot exfoliant that contains 17 types of natural extracts that exfoliate and moisturize at the same time. Essentially you wear plastic booties prefilled with gel for an hour for the treatment, and 5-7 days afterward, dead skin cells will begin to flake off, akin to a snakeskin.

Why do we care: This is for anyone who has seriously dry, cracked foot skin who wants to experience a rebirth of baby soft skin! This stuff is crazy good!

$25, lavender scented,


Osmia Organics

Osmia Organics

Dilemma: Bouncing between the changing weather and overheated indoors, your skin’s an overbaked gingerbread.

Solution: This whipped body mousse, scented with wild, Australian sandalwood, is super rich and blissfully aromatic. You’ll want to lock yourself in the bathroom to slather all over your skin and never come out.

Why do we care: our skin is our body’s largest organ and deserves organic pampering every day.

$42, other fragrances available,




Dilemma: Amidst the jingle bells and spinning dreidels, you’re unexpectedly out of sorts.

Solution: These made-in-the-USA and vegan-friendly body washes can be selected by the mood you wish to achieve. Want to be inspired for a clean & crisp scent? How about grounded for a centered & peaceful vibe? Maybe you’re heading out for a holiday meet-and-greet and want to be loved with undertones of bergamot, water flowers and rose, to name a few?

Why do we care: Don’t underestimate the effect and power of aromatherapy to uplift your holiday spirit when you need a little kick.

$28 each,

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