From the first grade when Amy wrote a story about a frog that went to college, she dreamed of becoming a writer. Now she's a nationally recognized journalist, whose career as an editor, host, lifestyle expert and author spans magazines, news programs and online media outlets.

Credit: Daryl A. Getman

Credit: Daryl A. Getman

With quality reporting and the gift of listening from her psychiatrist Dad, Amy deftly covers any assignment thrown at her, from fashion to beauty and DIY to red carpet. She’s demoed yoga, interviewed celebs, cleaned out closets, crafted home décor and whipped up hors d’oeuvres for national outlets like the Today show, Good Morning AmericaThe Rachael Ray Show, The Wendy Williams Show, Kelly & Ryan, The View, The name a few. A multi-faceted expert, she has appeared on NBC's Today nearly 150 times.



"Whether it's for Access or Watch What Happens Live, my greatest thrill is translating my reporting or written stories to the airwaves." 

Amy’s career began grounded in women’s magazines, as an editor and correspondent at In Style, a senior editor at All You, an editor-at-large for Southern Living and Coastal Living and a contributing editor for Rodale's Organic Life Magazine. She’s collaborated with countless others such as Marie Claire, Women’s Health, Shape and Latina. She was a style writer for NBC’s and an accessories guru for as well as a senior style editor at Currently, she's a Senior Lifestyle Editor for



"For any magazine or entity I've worked for the question has been 'What will our reader think? Is this fun, practical, affordable? Will s/he love it?'"

Her first book, Wear This, Toss That! (Atria Books, Simon & Schuster), is filled with practical fashion and beauty advice for real women. She also penned an essay for the book My City, My New York and co-edited Full Bloom: Cultivating Success, a motivational book for young women.

In addition to her background as a prolific powerhouse and on-air talent, Amy is a highly sought spokesperson and host. She frequently co-hosted TBS’ Movie and a Makeover and hosted Washington Flyer TV. Often interviewed by national newspapers like the Chicago Sun Times and the Washington Post, radio shows and blogs, she’s hired frequently as a brand consultant and spokesperson.



"Throughout my career, I've been fortunate to work alongside my children's schedules and uplift them in their endeavors as they do mine."

This über-busy working mom cherishes her "hubster" and two kiddos and has a strict policy of keeping it real: e.g., chucking any notion of “balance” out the window and taking conference calls in carpool. Amy practices yoga and is a classically trained Japanese dancer and tea ceremony student. She cultivates an herb garden, makes a wicked guacamole, adores travel and treasures home-cooked meals with friends. 



"What I love about my job is that it constantly evolves, thus my learning curve is steep and life view limitless."

She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, a summa cum laude graduate of UCLA and holds a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. She is a proud member of the Asian-American Journalists Association, SAG AFTRA and a past board member for both and her local Mother’s Club. A native of Santa Rosa, CA, she currently resides in the Washington, D.C. area, with her husband, two children and a spunky Boston terrier.